Offerta Formativa Innovazione Tecnologica

Titolo Obiettivi formativi
First Level Degree in Industrial Engineering (L-9)

Graduates in Industrial Engineering are able to conduct the detailed design of a product/process innovation, the product development, installation and testing of machines and complex systems, maintenance and management of production departments as well as promotional activities, sales and technic

Second Degree course in Computer Science – new curriculum in Intelligent and mobile computing

The IT scenario has deeply changed. The web, the large and ubiquitous availability of computing resources and data, the increasing focus on users requires a specially oriented curriculum grounded on artificial intelligence, data analysis models and computational methods.

Second Degree course in Electronic Engineering for IOT (LM 29)

The Master of Science in Electronic Engineering for the Internet-of-Things aims to train engineers in one of the most promising area of innovation, namely Internet of Things. The presence of electronic devices and systems is now pervasive, and embraces all fields, both domestic and industrial.

Second Degree course in Informatics and Robotics Engineering (LM 32)

The Master of Science in Computer Engineering and Robotics aims to train engineers in the emerging fields of Data Science and Advanced Robotics, and to provide its students the references and the ability to contribute to innovation and to stay continuously updated with new technologies in the gen