Winter School Humanistic Design

Obiettivi formativi

The students will be trained about the way the industrial design practice has to be able to relate with the context, rediscover traditional local knowledge and repropose them in a contemporary way.

Requisiti di accesso

Graduating student and Post graduated student.


Titolo di studio straniero necessario

Piano studi

The work methodology is based on a personal research path which will include all the design process phases: exploring and asking; doing research on field; developing strategic analisys; practicing the design process in collaboration with local manufacturers combined with the new technology.

This Perugia Summer School course highlights different aspects of design in contemporary society.

Students will learn how private or public brands create culture and value, how the designers are asked to deliver new knowledge and to manage design processes which involve local and territorial skills. They will also learn how various creative expressions, such as visual identity and ambient design acts, can help organisations to enhance their products and brands.

The students will learn to:

• understand the importance of design competences.

• describe and apply key concepts of design in product marketing.

• identify product design challenges for organisations operating indifferent

product markets.

• improve their design skills in terms of innovation and authenticity.

• promote the value of humanistic design thinking.

The entire work period will cover two weeks.


Italiano e Inglese

Organizzazione delle lezioni

Week 01

The design research. Asking, researching, analysing the context, presenting the strategic approach to the student community.

The design process #01

Ssemantic elements, the language of materials, how to deliver innovation without refusing heritage values.


Week 02

The design process #02

Defining the project, how not to lose quality, the prototyping process, nalize the model, photo shooting stage.

Design exhibition. Common work dedicated

to organize and manage a collective exhibition of the different works and object. Final public conference.


Admission fee € 1.300,00 each student.

The cost of living in Perugia is about € 700,00 per month.