Specialization course in Hotel Management, Planning & Design

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Strategy, planning, management and communication are the four “success keys” of the hotel world. The new Specialization Course “Hotel Management, Planning & Design”, organized by the Accademia di Belle Arti “Pietro Vannucci” di Perugia, is focused on the analysis of the design tools, the management and the integrated communication, in order to realize a successful accommodation facility.


The Specialization Course consists of 800 hours lessons articulated in 100 days distributed in weekly modules focused on the various topics. The lectures, held by professors, lecturers, business experts and qualified professionals, will be alternating with project work activities including exercises and simulations. The Specialization Course will be enhanced by the presence of an interactive educational component held by professors with business experts. At the end of the Specialization Course the results of the project work will become part of the final thesis research, that will be presented in front of a committee made up of five professors from the Specialization Course.




The Specialization Course offers project management tools, feasibility studies and management of hotel facilities, also focusing on the communication and the tourist web marketing. Starting from the analysis of the different typologies of existing hotels, the course aims to manage the ideal approach to the opening of a new hotel, as well as the management and the refurbishment of an existing structure. Moreover the course investigates new dynamics that affect users choices and the way of the common outside and inside spaces (designs such as wellness areas or spa) can determine the success of an hotel, both in case of restyling or new construction. The Course will explore new international trends in the design of facilities, common areas and different typologies of rooms.

An incisive presence on the web is essential, so the Specialization Course deals with the topic of the tourist web marketing, social media marketing, brand reputation, offering a full immersion and a wide overview of the main strategies in order to boost products and services sales related to tourism thanks to the media tools. The Course includes 160 hours workshop (two weeks running through the entire duration of the course), during which particular successful case studies will be analyzed and discussed.



The Specialization Course is addressed to hotel managers, interior designers and architects specialized in tourism.



The Specialization Course aims to communicate the design tools related to tourism. An important quality of this course is the chance to have a strong interaction and discussion during the classroom, between the students and the professors, designers and consultants from various business backgrounds, in order to improve individual professional skills and stimulate new forms of professional/company-like cooperation.

Furthermore the direct relationship between students and professors, and among

the participants themselves,

are often enhanced by the creation of on-line communities, that contribute to enrich relations and connections, making the Specialization Course a very original, contemporary and innovative environment.


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