International Master in Medical Biotechnology

Obiettivi formativi

Training in the field of medical biotechnology requires the acquisition of knowledge about the molecular and cellular alterations involved in the development of diseases and the derived developments in molecular diagnostics, targeted therapies, gene and cellular therapies, and techniques necessary to the determination of all relevant diagnostic, prognostic and effectiveness biomarkers, including bioinformatics.

The Master in Medical Biotechnology (MeBi) aims at enhancing and broadening knowledge and skills in molecular medicine and in the derived diagnostic and therapeutic applications, with a properly balanced mixture of classroom lectures, lab and practical activities, individual and group learning, and internships.

The participants will improve and expand their knowledge and skills in the following subjects:

• Disease processes in the fields of genetics, infectious diseases, immunology, endocrinology, onco-hematology, neurology

• Role of microbiota in health and disease

• Molecular and cellular biotechnologies

• Advanced molecular diagnostic systems

• Molecular and cellular therapies of major human diseases

• Bioinformatics and systems biology

Those students completing the Master in Medical Biotechnology (MeBi) and who wish to continue their studies at the University of Perugia, can directly access the second year of a programmed Master Degree (two year program - 120 ECTS ).

Requisiti di accesso

The Master in Medical Biotechnology (MeBi) is a First Level Master and can be attended by holders of First Level university degrees (3 years = Bachelor) in Biotechnology and Biology and by holders of Master Degrees in Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies.

The maximum number of students who can be admitted is established at 50.

Titolo di studio straniero necessario

Piano studi

Supplementary individual stage activities (100 hours = 4 EUC) will be planned in research centers.

Intermediate and final exams, mostly written, will assess the performance and achievements of participants.

  ECTS credits
Inflammation and inflammatory diseases 4
Endocrinology 5
Oncology 5
Pharmacology and Therapeutics 6
Molecular pathology of human diseases 5
Impact of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in human diseases 5
Microbes and human health 5
Neurology 6
Haematology 6
Bioinformatics 6




Organizzazione delle lezioni

The Master in Medical Biotechnology is a full-time one year program, recognized by the Italian and European educational system. Lessons will be held by professors from the University of Perugia as well as by invited external professors, researchers or specialized staff (other Italian and foreign Universities and Research Centers). Averagely lessons are given from December 2017 to November 2018.


The tuition fee amounts to € 3.000,00.

The cost of living in Perugia is about € 700,00 per month.