Certification of Knowledge of the Italian Language - CELI e DILS-PG

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Students interested in a Language and Teaching Methodology Certificate can contact the University’s Assessment and Language Certification Centre (CVCL).The certificates issued by CVCL are the only Italian language certificates admitted by the ALTE: The Association of Language Testers in Europe.



CELI (Italian Language Certification)

CELI (Italian Language Certification) are Italian language certifications aimed at educated adults assessing competence in Italian language usage. CELI certifies the Italian language proficiency for general purposes according to the six level of competence described in the Common European Framework of Reference. It attests the level of linguistic competence and fluency of candidates and is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• CELI Impact (A1 Level) / CELI 1 (A2 Level)

• CELI 2 (B1 Level) / CELI 3 (B2 Level)

• CELI 4 (C1 Level) / CELI 5 (C2 Level)

• CELI a (Adolescent).


The Italian Ministry of Research and Education acknowledges CELI 3 as an Italian language certification valid for enrolling in any Italian university within the quota-share for foreign students.

CELI 4 and CELI 5 are valid titles to assess knowledge of Italian language on equal terms with Italian students. CELI assesses communicative skills in usage of the Italian language in the educational and professional domain.

CELI a (Italian Language Certificate For Young Adults)

CELI a (adolescents) are Italian language certifications aimed at adolescents between 13 and 17.

DILS-PG (Certification in teaching Italian as a Foreign Language)

The Center for Evaluation and Language Certification Language also offers a certification for language teaching to meet the growing demand for certifications of pedagogic and didactic skills for teachers of Italian as a foreign language. DILS-PG is a teaching methodology certificate, attesting teacher’s basic training and certifying their educational competence. It is a fundamental instrument for all those who wish to become professional teachers of Italian as Foreign Language and/or for assessment purposes.


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Organizzazione delle lezioni


For those sitting their examination in Perugia: CELI € 100,00

CELI adolescenti € 100,00

CELI impatto immigrati € 15,38

CELI 1 immigrati € 30,00

CELI 2 immigrati € 35,00

DILS-PG (II livello) € 140,00

DILS-PG di base (I livello) € 110,00


Candidates enrolled in courses at the University for Foreigners Perugia (language courses students, degree courses students, erasmus and post-graduate students) are offered a discount of 40% on the exam registration fee. The cost of the registration fee is reduced of 30% in case candidates must complete only the oral or the speaking part of the exam. For those who sit the examination in any Italian Centre or in the rest of the world: The registration fee is managed by each examination Centre.

Candidates are invited to verify the cost contacting the Exam Centre where they wish to sit the exam. The cost of the registration fee is reduced of 30% in case candidates must complete only the oral or the speaking part of the exam.