3 year - I Level Bachelor Degrees

Obiettivi formativi

Harp, Guitar, String Instruments, Wind Instruments, Piano, Fortepiano, Harpsichord,Jazz, Percussion, Canto, Chorus Master, Composition, Organ, Percussions, Electronic Music, Jazz, Chamber Music with Piano, Chamber Music for wind instruments, Chamber, Music with string instruments, Canto Lirico.

The Student is meant to have proper competences to deal with Second Level Cycle entrance exam.


Requisiti di accesso

Secondary School Diploma. A proven ability in playing chosen instrument and excellent skills as well. International Educational Quali cation suitable for entrance exam.


Titolo di studio straniero necessario

See Above. Knowledge of Italian Language. Knowledge of English would be an asset.



Organizzazione delle lezioni

Daily one to one and common training courses, weekly technical and theoretical knowledge lessons starting from November to October for a three-monthly period, semesters or year-long.

60 college credits per year.


€ 700,00

The cost of living in Perugia is about € 700,00 per month.