Second Degree course in Rehabilitation Sciences for Health Professions


The aim of the Master Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences for Health Professions

is to train health professionals with skills in management, training and research

in areas relevant to the podiatrist, physical therapists, speech therapists, orthoptist assistants in ophthalmology, neuro therapists and psychomotor developmentals, technicians of education and psychiatric and psychosocial rehabilitation, occupational therapists, professional educators.

The course includes 9 Teaching areas consisting of different modules.

The curriculum aims

to provide the conceptual and methodological models in the following areas of expertise of Masters graduates: Area of Research (Research methodology for healthcare practice based on scientific evidence), Area of Law applied to health services - Principles and methods of economics and health planning, Disciplinary area - deepening of the most important clinical and organizational advances of rehabilitation in the eld of Medical and surgical interdisciplinary sciences, Area of Management - deepening strategies of direction and management of rehabilitation services and management of human resources, Educational area - pedagogical models, models of adult learning and experience and tutorial methodologies.

Training activities and guided internships in public health services and specialized training are foreseen in Italy or abroad related to special agreements.

Admission requirements

Graduates of three-year courses of the Class SNT / 2 or other equivalent quali cation are allowed access to the course of study, subject to passing a selection test. The number of students admitted to the course is determined by national and regional programming.

Foreign students

To be established for academic year 2017-18.

Study Plan

  ECTS credits
Research Methodology 7
Science of Preventive Health Services 7
Elements of Law applied to Health Services 7
Rehabilitation Science 7
Economics and Sociology in Health 7
Scientific Seminars 3
Clinical practice 13
Interdisciplinary medical sciences 10
Medical and Surgical sciences 10
Laboratory: Podiatric rehabilitation 3
Clinical practice 6
Humanities and educational / training methodologies 10
Healthcare Management 6
Laboratory 2
Clinical practice 6
Final examination 5





The Course is a 2 years course.

The subjects are distributed in two periods called semesters. First semester: from December till March the first year and from October to December the second year. Second semester: from April till June the first year and from March till June the second year.


The tuition fee is about € 1.300,00 per year. The cost of living in Perugia is about € 700,00 per month.