Summer School in “Environmental Footprint and Sustainable Development”


The need to mitigate and prevent world problems due to climate change, in order to ensure sustainable development, makes fundamental the analysis of an environmental footprint that represents an exhaustive tool for measuring and monitoring the sustainability. The sustainability assessment and quantification expressed by the mentioned footprint can be achieved through environmental impact indicators such as the carbon footprint, the water footprint and other new indices (e.g. noise footprint).

The environmental footprint can be a parameter to control the sustainability level of public and private actions and may be as a guide for the implementation of sustainable policies in different public and private sectors. In this context, CLASS (Cluster on Environmental Footprint and Sustainable Development), promoted by CIRIAF (Interuniversity Research Centre on Pollution and Environment “Mauro Felli”, with administrative headquarter at the University of Perugia) and co- nanced by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, is an inclusive and operational structure which involves all the actors in the eld of environmental footprint, sustainable development in general and environmental sustainability, including economics and society. A relevant activity of CLASS is the organization of training courses in the elds of environmental footprint and sustainable development: the proposed Summer School aims to provide the students with the skills for the definition of the environmental footprint of products and organizations, including the knowledge on important economic and social aspects.

Admission requirements

Good knowledge of English. Courses are open to post-graduate students, preferably with a scientific degree (e.g. engineering, agriculture, physics but also economics), with good academic qualification evaluated by the personal CV, and will take place only if a 25 minimum number of participants will apply (maximum number of participants is 50).

Foreign students

From a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 70% of the attendance of the training school will be destined to foreign students.


Study Plan

The Summer School in “Environmental Footprint and Sustainable Development” is a course for international students: it is a 12-days intensive course aiming at increasing awareness and knowledge in the use and application of methods for environmental footprint evaluation (carbon, water, noise). The correlated social, cultural and economic aspects will be also analyzed. Visits to environmental certi ed organizations and factories and to innovative plants for sustainable development will be also planned.

A certificate of attendance will be given to all participants who successfully complete the course. The course is taught by CIRIAF-University of Perugia and in particular

by professors and experts in all the environmental footprint fields and in the green economy aspects, also coming from partner Universities (Italian and international).





The course lasts for 96 hours: 80 hours lessons are lectures and workshops, 16 hours are for visits to significant sites. 100% of attendance is mandatory to be awarded with 3 credits CFU/ECTS (to be confirmed).


€ 1.500,00

The cost of living in Perugia is about € 700,00 per month.