Second Degree course in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences [LM/SNT1


The course is based upon a multidisciplinary approach, aimed at educating and building advanced professionals that should be able to operate in health care procedures, in management, in educational training and in research activities in any of the ranges of the involved health careers.

Teaching activities are face-to-face lessons, seminars, group activities, discussions on clinical cases and simulations. Besides these activities, clinical practice is required, either in public or private structures, under the supervision of professionals chosen by the Course Committee. Attendance of classes and other activities are mandatory in this course, with an allowed ratio of absence of maximum 30% of the total.

Admission requirements

For admission it is required to hold a degree or diploma qualifying for the professions of Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Midwife, or other equivalent qualification. The qualifications obtained abroad grant admission only if they meet the conditions required by law. For professionals holding a degree in Class SNT/1 or L - SNT1 debits are not expected. The academic regulations for the course of study defines the curricular requirements for the admission of those who are in possession of other qualifications.

Access to the Master is a national number programmed on the basis of Law 264/1999 and includes an entrance examination consisting of a test with multiple-choice tests. Assessment of personal preparation will be subject to verification

in a manner specified in the Academic Regulations for the course.

Foreign students

In order to allow the pre-evaluation process, students must submit: Curriculum vitae (in English, any format), Bachelor Degree (translated in English or Italian), Transcript Education (or Transcript of Records – ToR - (in English, any format), Motivation Letter (in English, any format), English proficiency certificate for non-English mother tongue.

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of the Department of Medicine (University of Perugia) in order to ascertain whether the requirements for admission have been met.


Study Plan

1st Year ECTS credits
Methodology of Nursing and midwives research 6
Advanced care pathways in clinical area 1 8
Health and community prevention and care 7
Health management science 1 6
History and philosophy of Nursing and Obstetrics care 5
Theories and methodologies of teaching and continuing education in Health 8
Teaching Elective Activities (TEA) - first year 3
Seminars first year 2
Traineeship I 10
Clinical Practice II 5


2nd Year ECTS credits
Health law and ethical, legal and professional responsibilities 6
Scientific English in the health setting 4
Advanced care pathways in clinical area 2 4
Advanced care pathways in critical area 6
Advanced care pathways in maternal-child area 8
Health management science 2 6
Teaching Elective Activities (TEA) – second year 3
Seminars – second year 3
Traineeship III 5
Traineeship IV 10
Final Test 5





The course is a 2 years course. The subjects of each year are distributed in two periods called semesters. First semester: from October till January. Second semester: from March till end of May.



The tuition fee is about € 1.300,00 per year divided in four instalments, but it depends on the family income.

The cost of living in Perugia is about € 700,00 per month.