Conservatorio di Musica F. Morlacchi

The Music Conservatory “Francesco Morlacchi” of Perugia counts on professionalism of more than 106 lecturers, teachers and about 600 students wishing to attend higher education (H.Ed. A.) programs both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Conservatory of Perugia is actively engaged in international cooperation with partners from all over the world. A large number of courses and lectures are characterized by musical and artistic excellence of any kind of instrument: Classical, Jazz and Electronic Departments in the forefront of technological innovation with the support of a highly skilled labour force.

Nearby Performance, classes of Music Theory, Harmony, Chamber Music, Symphony Orchestra, Composition, Chorus and Children’s Choir, the rich educational assortment on offer is enriched by opened courses without any kind of deadlines and age limits.


Founded in 1788 by Neapolitan Maestro Luigi Caruso, the Music Conservatory “Francesco Morlacchi” of Perugia is one of the three Higher Education State Musical Institutes in Umbria.