3 year Course in Animal Science


The main objective of this study course is teaching fundamental principles in animal production science and food science of animal origin. Field of interest: husbandry, animal nutrition, breeding, reproductive physiology, management of livestock; food (meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, sh and sh products, egg, honey) production, collection, processing and distribution. Hazards along the food production chain, traceability. Risk analysis and HACCP along the production lines: laws and their implementation, compulsory and voluntary certification. Courses take place in Perugia and in the experimental farms of the University.

Admission requirements

In order to enroll on the Degree Course in Animal Science, students must have a diploma from a Secondary School or another equivalent qualification obtained abroad and recognized suitable. Language requirement: minimum Italian Level B1.

Maximum: 7 students.

Foreign students

Study Plan




ECTS credits

Livestock anatomy 80 8
Biology 60 6
Mathematics and Physics 100 10
Chemistry and Biochemistry 120 12
Livestock morphology, population structure and ethnology 60 6
Genetics and animal breeding 90 9
General agronomy and forage systems 120 12
Agricultural economy and policy 90 9
Livestock physiology 80 8
Livestock Feeding and Nutrition 90 9

Priciples of veterinary pathology

60 6
Food industrues and technologies of animal products 90 9
General and applied microbiology 60 6
Livestock health and hygiene 60 6
Non-ruminant livestock production systems 120 12
Ruminant production systems 60 6
Livestock buildings, facilities and equipment 600 6
Livestock health and hygiene 110 11





Degree Course in Animal Production Science is

a 3 years course, the Bachelor’s degree program consists of 180 ECTS.

The subjetcs are distributed in two periods called semesters. First semester: from September till December; second semester: from February till end of May.


The tuition fee is about

€ 1.300,00 per year. Cost of living in Perugia is about € 700,00 per month.


http://www.unipg.it/ les/ pagine/22/regolamento- PTT-260813.pdf.