Umbria Academy

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China Program

Umbria Academy is a project offering higher and specialized education. It is coordinated by Umbria Region through the Umbrian Agency for University Services (ADISU) in which take part: the University of Perugia, the University for Foreigners of Perugia, the Academy of Fine Arts Pietro Vannucci, the Conservatorio di Musica “Francesco Morlacchi” of Perugia and the Istituto Superiore di Studi musicali “Giulio Briccialdi”.

The purpose is to offer to international students the chance to study and train in a context - like the Umbrian one - rich in competences absorbed and renovated by virtue of centennial academic and professional experiences. In this specific sector of Umbria Academy, concerning China Program, the areas of importance are: Energy, Cultural Heritage and Security.

Keywords: Sustainable Energy; Design; Music; Italian Language and Culture; Cultural Heritage, Ethnoanthropological and Sinological Heritage; Environmental Safety and Security; Social Safety and Security; Territorial Safety and Security; Food Safety and Security.